Thoughts on what makes a catchy logo

Tips on what makes a good logo

Logo design is an art itself, and finding a suitable logo for your business can be a tedious task. But before the process has a chance to begin, you need to decide what you want out of your logo. Do you need something that catches the eye and is instantly memorable? Do you need something that makes you stand out from everyone else? Or do you need something that looks nice and is easy to read?  Here are a few we like, first a couple from online florists or another vesion . Finally a completely different industry, IOT Adroit IoT, pretty cool eh!

Is colour important in a logo

As a lifelong graphic design student, I`ve been designing logos for about five years now. A number of years ago, I was fortunate enough to get paid to do some freelance logo design work. I`m in the process of publishing a book of my logo design work and showing it off to the world. After all, the logo is an essential part of your brand. If it`s not good, it won`t matter what else you do.

Should you use words in your logo

Before I can talk about the symbolism of words in logo`s, let me first say that doing so is a pointless exercise. There is no association between a logo and the text it contains, and it is impossible to extract the meaning of the logo from the importance of the text. For example, if a logo`s text were “I love you”, you would have to assume that I love you, not the logo. This is not to say that words can`t express more than just the logo they accompany. When Donald Trump announced his presidential bid by shouting “Make America great again”, the meaning inherent in his choice for a candidate`s slogan is only partially represented by the words “Make America great again”.

Should your logo be just a picture

When choosing your logo, the choice is simple: you can either pick a picture of something (a company, a product, a person, etc.), or you can choose an image that represents your company`s idea. The Logo Blog is interested in the latter, and we want to see some creative and original logos and some of your coolest logos that are inspired by/reminiscent of images.