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Aluminum boat docksare great,but keep in mind whether or not they have to be removed for the winter,so linking sections that are of manageable size which attach together are the best option. Lift docks can go straight out,make a U formation or have a T or an L at the end. If your lakefront property has a large cliff behind it,a larger-sized deck area at either the shore end or the water end can provide your family with a nice place to congregate and enjoy the view.

If your beach area is also shallow,it is possible to combine a pipe dock followed by a ramp,then a floating dock. The only thing to consider with this configuration is that the ramp must be long enough to accommodate the drop in the water level so that the angle of the ramp is not too steep to walk on (boat dock).

Although the old-style crib docks weren’t looked upon favourably,these days most docks are much more environmentally friendly. The only thing that cottagers really need to be concerned about is the type of materials they build their dock out of. Pressure-treated decking is not recommended for water contact situations. Cedar,aluminum or PCV decking is considered to be the best.

The location of your cottage dictates what regulations and permits are obligatory. In some areas,the Municipal regulations require you to get a building permit for a dock,as well as a Ministry of Natural Resources permit. A lot of docks fall under the MNR’s “free use” policy,which dictates how close you can build to your property line and what quantity of lake bottom contact you can have.

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For example,your dock can occupy no more than 25 per cent of your lot width. Typically the MRN prefers pipe docks,cantilever docks and floating docks. If you are in an area covered by the Trent Seven Waterway or Rideau Canal you should have a permit from Parks Canada before you start any sort of construction,whether it be a dock,railway or a boatlift.

One of the most important dock accessories you can invest in is a ladder. Even if you don’t use your dock for swimming,a ladder provides a way to get back up onto the dock if someone falls into the water. This accessory will drastically improve the safety of your dock,but only if you know how to choose the right one.

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As you start to look for a ladder for your dock,one of the first things you’ll notice is that their height is measured in steps. They can be as short as 3 steps or as long as 8 steps (aluminum boat dock). The height you choose will depend on the distance between your dock and the water and the depth of the water.

In either case,the ladder should not touch the lake or ocean bottom. Ideally,it should hover between 4 and 14 inches above – aluminum boat dock. The general rule for floating docks is that you should have at least 2 or 3 steps below the water. Measure the distance from the water to the top of your dock,then divide that by the step height of the ladder â this is typically around 12″.

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To determine the best number of steps for your stationary dock,add the distance between the water surface and the top of your dock with the surrounding water depth. Divide this total by the step height of the ladder you’re looking to add. For example,if the dock height and water depth add up to 36″ and the ladder step height is 12″,a 3-step ladder is recommended.

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Solid and simple,straight ladders are the most popular and cost-effective option. The only downside is that straight ladders aren’t as attractive or compact as other options. But if all you need is something that’s easy to install and withstands the test of time,a sturdy straight ladder is the perfect fit.

When not in use,it can be lifted up and out of the way to save space. They have the same tall,looped handrails as the straight ladder,which some may consider an eyesore. With its more compact design,a finger pier ladder is ideal for smaller docks and narrow walkways.

They are slightly more expensive but can enhance your dock’s safety. Everyone’s situation is different,so you may find that a custom ladder suits your needs best. A contractor will come out to your home or marina and assess your dock to come up with a safe and accessible solution. boat dock.

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At Decks & Docks,we carry aluminum ladders. We find that aluminum is the most affordable marine-grade material. It will get the job done and is long-wearing,though it may become discolored after time. Ideally,you should mount the ladder into joists with 2-4 stainless steel bolts on either side.

Without it,the bolts will tear right through. If you want to be able to remove the ladder easily,you might opt to attach it using a quick-release kit instead. These kits come with two bars,made from aluminum or steel,that are attached to the dock. The ladder is placed on top of the bars and locked in place with a pin that can be taken out quickly and without tools.

When you buy any accessory for your dock,you want to be sure that it’s made from marine-grade materials that can withstand harsh conditions. As marine construction specialists,Decks & Docks Lumber Co. supplies high-quality marina products throughout the Southeastern US. From ladders to the bolts and joists needed to mount them,we have everything you need to enhance the look,function,and safety of your dock â call us today to learn more! .

The EZ Launch® System is a safe and easy way to launch and dock kayaks and canoes. Great for people with disabilities,children or seniors. Users will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely,and launching with stability and ease.

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This dock isn’t going anywhereâ once you set it,you can,as they say,forget it. Voyager standing docks,which come in standard 4â ² and 5â ² widths as well as 3â ² and 2â ² custom sizes available,are built as rugged as they are beautiful. With Voyager Dock’s truss free design never worry about cleaning weeds and webs again.

You’ll have neighbors wondering why your dock always looks so perfect. You know the secret,its Voyager Dock. Adjustments are quick and easy,and enjoying these great docks is even easier. All Voyager Dock models come in multiple configurations so you can create the dock of your dreams.

There’s a lot to think about for a new dock structure. As with any new building project,you want to consider the material’s cost and durability to make sure it’s worth your investment. This decking material overview can help point you in the right directionâ whether you’re on a budget,or just focused on performance and upkeep.

High flow areas typically use floating docks. Those systems require a special installation process with framing to keep the dock stable year-round. Lower water zones (depths about 10 feet or less) often use stationary docks. If your water table fluctuates higher than that,you’re probably better off with a custom floating dock.

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So when comparing deck materials,it’s important to remember their application. Each material has its own benefits,but you might prefer one style over another depending on your dock type and how the end result will look. This material is typically only used for floating docksâ so if you need a stationary dock,feel free to skip ahead.

Because there’s no chance of it rotting,these types of floating docks often boast a much longer life-span. Concrete dock setups are really solid. Even in stormy weather and high waters,a concrete deck is going to feel level. Plus,they won’t put the marine ecosystem in danger. Unlike treated wood,concrete can’t release any toxins into the water.