Fans are requesting that references to be taken off World of Warcraft’s claimed abuser.

World of Warcraft players want all references to the Activision Blizzard lawsuit that alleged an abuser be taken down.

California sued Activision Blizzard Wednesday after a two-year inquiry into “fratboy workplace culture.” The suit details numerous instances of particular Activision Blizzard employees allegedly abusingharassment, shaming, and evicting female employees for a prolonged period of time.

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One of the defendants identified in the suit is Alex Afrasiabi, a former World of Warcraft creative director who resigned quietly from Activision Blizzard in June of 2020. Afrasiabi’s story is described in court documents. The court documents describe the way he “got drunk” and began to hit upon female employees.

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Following the alleged rape of Bill Cosbythe hotel room he was staying in at BlizzCon transformed into the Cosby Suite.

Blizzard executives knew about Afrasiabi’s behavior, including Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, but took no effective remedial measures.”

Kotaku has revealed that Afrasiabi left Blizzard in the year 2020 without much celebration. You can see that there was something amiss when you compare it to Jeff Kaplan who received a very special sendoff at the time he left Blizzard earlier in the year.

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Afrasiabi has been called out by WoW players who are starting to put two and two together. Afrasiabi is a former Creative Directorand has many game references, including two NPCs, as well as Siabi’s Premium Tobacco.

In addition to Reddit and Blizzard posts asking Afrasiabi to search WoWplayers also started to set up “go away” signs in front of Field Marshal Afrasiabi in Stormwind.

WoW players also demonstrated in Oribos. Members from both factions gathered to stand in front of the Oribos Inn.

Afrasiabi and Activision Blizzard were not charged with any of these allegations. The companyalso rejects all the allegations.